LA and Seoul Based Giantstep Produces Interactive Airport Experiences for Incheon International Airport


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Creative technology company Giantstep created the T1 Media Tower experience for the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, Korea. Located throughout Terminal 1, the installations invite travelers to interact with beautiful video content.

At the center of passenger Terminal 1 is “Nature” and “Pop Art.” These installations respond to hand movements in real time when visitors engage with the video frame. “K-Art” and “Into the Frame” are displayed on the terminal’s third floor, welcoming travelers to interact with content on two electronic billboards via AR.

Led by CEO and executive producer Jichul Lee, Giantstep produced the video content using real-time engine technology, motion sensors, augmented reality (AR) technology, and electronic billboards.

“As Giantstep continues to invest in R&D into leveraging technology and media for not only film and advertising projects, we’re increasingly doing it for experiences in public spaces,” concludes Lee. “We were honored to partner with Incheon International Airport to help create an interactive and equally artistic experience that will further enhance its status as a cultural landmark while bringing joy to travelers.”

CEO / Art Director Jichul Lee
Producer Yeonjoo Yoo
Producer Yoosun Kang
Producer Yeyoon Jang
Making Producer Yo Goh
Making Producer Sehoon Lee
Hardware & Infra Unit Choong-hwan Nam
Technical Director Seungho Choi
Lead Developer Youngryeol Ju
Lead 3D Artist Minyeop Choi
Developer Dongwoo Kim
Engineer Yeji Song
3D Artist Ahreum Lee
Developer Dohee Jeon
Lead 3D Animator Doehyoung Kim
3D Animator Gyuhyeong Lee
Server Developer Kidon Kim
Unreal Feature Developer Kidon Kim
Project Proposer Choonghyeon Noh
Project Proposer Jiwook Moon
Project Proposer Injeong Jo
2D Artist Woojin Jung
2D Artist Joongkoo Kim
Concept & UX Design Yeonwook Choi
Graphic Supervisor Seungchan Kim
Motion Graphic Artist Woonyoung Jo
Motion Graphic Artist Yoonhyun Ji
Motion Graphic Artist Jihye Kim
Motion Graphic Artist Heesoo Kim
Motion Graphic Artist Yujin Bae

About Giantstep:
Giantstep is a creative technology company that partners with brand, agency, and entertainment clients around the globe. Pushing the boundaries of digital media, we leverage design, visual effects, animation, programming, virtual production, and more to reimagine consumer experiences between the virtual and physical worlds. Giantstep has offices in Los Angeles and Seoul.

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