• What I Learned in 2018 – Lord Danger

    by / January 9, 2019 / By Lena Kazer, Director Of Business Development Lesson Number One: having dart guns at the office is fantastic way to blow off steam. Though, as the great Stan Lee taught us - with great power comes great responsibility. So, aim carefully at your target’s head, enjoy the ensuing shriek of joy-horror, and quietly get back to work. I joined the Lord Danger team as Director of Business Developm[Read More]


    by / January 3, 2019 / PUBG Corporation(PUBG Corp.) has collaborated with Battery, the fast-growing independent creative advertising agency based in Hollywood, and RSA Films to create an ambitious global campaign for the launch of the Sony Playstation®4 version of the popular digital game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The centerpiece of the campaign is Pan-demonium, a long-form social film produced by RSA Films[Read More]

  • ArtClass Adds Dutch Documentarian Bas Berkhout To Roster

    by / December 28, 2018 / Bas Berkhout, the award-winning filmmaker known for his intimate short films, is the latest director to join ArtClass, a next-generation production company based in LA and New York. Whether helming independent work or branded content for clients like ASICS or Charles Schwab, Berkhout approaches the projects in the same way—humanity first. He frequently eschews the use of music and i[Read More]

  • What I learned this year – Station Film

    by / December 27, 2018 / Brendan Gibbons, director, Station Film   I learned that there is no statute of limitations on a Canadian pharmacy’s call center list. That there is no better cold medicine than oregano oil. That the only way to stop people from telling you, “You should do yoga,” is to tell them you do yoga. That cynicism is easy and boring. Living part-time in the desert and having a grass lawn i[Read More]

  • Accoladed Editor Aika Miyake Brings Her Unstoppable Creativity To Cut+Run

    by / December 26, 2018 / A creative force beloved by clients for her verve and originality, Aika Miyake brings a natural gift for editing to Cut+Run. Fast, slow, wild, and wonderful -- she can edit it all. A member of Free The Bid, Aika is known for evocative and imaginative work, spanning many genres and styles. Where travel is her inspiration, editing is her life’s calling.   The Tokyo-raised, California-educated[Read More]

  • Merman Welcomes Director Nicole Ackermann

    by / December 21, 2018 / Merman celebrates the addition of director Nicole Ackermann, who joins the company’s multi-faceted roster of filmmakers working across the spectrum of advertising and entertainment. Nicole is a passionate, detail obsessed storyteller who blends visual style with a strong intuitive approach to performance. Nicole’s directing career kicked off with writing and directing theatre, unearthing he[Read More]

  • Director/Photographer Noah Conopask Brings Visionary Talent To Bullitt

    by / December 10, 2018 / Bullitt announced today that director/photographer Noah Conopask has joined its filmmaking collective. A meticulous planner of stories that embody powerful moments of anticipation, kinetic energy, and emotional performance, Noah has directed projects for a variety of brands including Bose, Red Bull, and Eastbay. His Commonwealth Games film for the BBC was honored with a gold award at the Ciclope F[Read More]

  • Hustle Expands to the West Coast: Partizan Headlines Live-Action Roster Led by Partner/Talent Agent Mike Lobikis

    by / December 10, 2018 / Hustle goes bicoastal with the appointment of Mike Lobikis as partner/talent rep for the west coast. The expansion brings a new level of increased efficiency and cohesion among Hustle’s sales force, extending its representation of Creativity A-List production company Partizan into the west coast market, in addition to its existing duties in the east. This added reach follows growth in the New Y[Read More]