Panoptica and Cashmere Pull Back The Curtain On Celebrities’ Favorite Films For Google TV And Cashmere


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Panoptica Director Samuel Miron recently directed Google TV’s “Watch With Me.” “Watch With Me” is an ongoing series that spotlights entertainers, artists, and cultural icons, sharing the shows and movies that have influenced them and their careers. Working with agency Cashmere, the series gives a behind-the-scenes look into these celebrities’ stories inspiring viewers with a curated watchlist of shows and movies that can be accessed on Google TV.

The celebrities who were tapped to contribute to “Watch With Me” were asked to reveal not just their personal favorites, Miron notes, but also influential titles they feel everyone should watch, “either because they’re important and carry an impactful message or because they’re simply so entertaining we’d be fools not to. And it was interesting, as our interviews unfolded, to see how often these categories overlapped, how the best of the best films and shows affect us personally, have an impactful message, and are undeniably fun to watch.”

Miron’s preparation for the shoot was immersive; he was provided with each celeb’s watchlist selections about a month in advance and made a point of screening everything on it.

In one episode, actress and LGBTQ advocate Laverne Cox gives us an inside look at the passions and inspirations that have fueled not only her career as an actor but also her own personal voyage as a transgender Black woman. In the five-minute film, Laverne ponders and shares just what her Watchlist says about her, as she recounts her favorite Whoopi Goldberg role and other hit features and TV series that have each impacted her in different ways.

Acclaimed comedian Hasan Minhaj’s Watchlist selections reflect his own experiences growing up as a first-generation American-Muslim, pointing to TV shows and movies that influenced his life and career, as well as a Chris Rock standup special, which inspired him to become a comedian.


Client: Google TV
Consumer Marketing: Ashley Lu, Stephanie Vaky
Brand Marketing: Charlotte Van Der Smeede, Tibby Iz

Creative Marketing Agency: Cashmere
Influencer Relations: Cashmere Originals

Production Company: Panoptica
​​Director: Samuel Miron
Founder: Hughes William Thompson
Executive Producer: Roan Bibby
Producer: Antonio Martinez

Editing company: FREDITOR
Editor: Fred Fouquet
Assistant Editor: Ruben Proenca

Editing company: Little Farm
Editor: Erwin Fraterman
Assistant Editor: Herbert Moran
Executive Producer: Therese Hunsberger
VFX Artist: Thom Reimerink

Music and Mix: Shaun Jacobs/Loki Entertainment

Color by BeachHouse

Music and Mix: Shaun Jacobs/Loki Entertainment

Still Photography: Day Reps
Photographer: Koury Angelo
Producer: Lyudmila Zotova
Retouching: Bluespace



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