Rattling Stick Director Vanessa Beletic Spotlights a Colorful Cast in Andy Grammer Music Video


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Andy Grammer preaches getting your groove on in the fun-loving music video “Damn It Feels Good To Be Me,” directed by Rattling Stick US roster director Vanessa Beletic. Beletic follows one shy central character–completely concealed by a sheet and hat–down to a basement club of self-discovery where she joins a colorful cast with bold makeup and style celebrating their own unique quirks and charms.

A pioneer of branded video content, Beletic has created award-winning work for brands like Levis, Theory, Estee Lauder, Samsung and has influenced a new category of storytelling that continues to permeate the digital culture today. Vanessa‘s music video for Run The Jewels “Ooh-La-La” has been nominated for the 2020 MVPA, UKMVA and 2021 Libera awards. Her work has been featured by Conde Nast Entertainment, Fast Company Magazine, Popsugar, Bustle and The Huffington Post.

Director – Vanessa Beletic
Executive Producer – Ryan Huffman @ryanhuffmann
Supervising Producer – Katie Sarrels @katie.Sarrels
Producer – Aiden Magarian @aidenmagarian
Production Manager – Tori Storosh @victoridactyl
Executive Assistant – Niko Vernic @nikovernic
1st AD – Kirsten Knisely @kknisely2
2nd AD – Arden Grier Dunlop @ardengrier
2nd 2nd AD – Hannah Horton @thehannahhorton

Director of Photography – J.D. Butler
1st AC – Ilija Gavran
2nd AC – Jacob Laureanti
Key Grip – Samir Golshan
BBG – Jonathan Acevedo
Gaffer – Tristan Moffat
BBE – Tim Watson
Board Operator – Chris Van Lieshout
Production Designer – Clayton Beisner
Set Dresser – Tige “Tiger” Daroff
Art Assistant – Madeleine Woolner
Art Assistant – Morgan Moreno

Key Wardrobe Stylist – Jenny Haapala @jennyhaapala
Stylist Assist- Daniela Correia @daniela__correia
Stylist Assistant – Gabrielle Ram @gabrielle_ram
Stylist Assistant – Ana Ruiz Bonaparte
Key Glam – Phoebe Dawson @phoebemakeup
Hair- Crystal Clark @crystalclarkhair
HMU Assist – Evelyn Sanabria @evelyn_sanabria
Artist HMU – Sabrina Bates-Whited @shesabean

Post Coordinator – Jhovani Estrada @jhovaniestrada

PA – Set – Austin Barrett @austinrb05
PA – Set – Amanda Johnson
PA – Set – Charlie McCollum @charlie.mcc
PA – Truck – Linden DeGurian @linden_degurian

Craft Services – Pedro Aguirre
CCO / Medic – Illustrious
Catering – Los Amigos (Luis Angel)

Casting Director- Dustin Blackburn @dustinblackburn80
Ghost- Sid Doblin @sid000000
Quinton – Cooper Mothersbaugh @coopjoe
Gam Gam – Lauren Peterson
Auti + Halo – Auti Angel @autiangel
Corn Dog Girl – Heather Cowles @heather4x
Eye Patch Girl – Alice An @alpalllll
Bald Beauty – Jannica Olin @jannica.olin
Model- Minolta Araya @minoltaaraya
Redhead Twin – Matthew Brady @mbradayy
Redhead Twin – Rachel Hall
Newman Twins – Rachel Newman
Gabrielle Newman @newmantwins
Freestyler- Robert Wilson @itsrobwilson
Freestyler – Jimmy Lee @jimmyle___
Model – Alyssa Brown @itsmisslys
Party goer – Phoenix Rosete @youngphephe
Party goer – Micah Jackson


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