• The Walking Dead: Season 5 [Trailer]

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    October 12th.

  • Skaters Board a Desolate Los Angeles in 'Urban Isolation'

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    LA wouldn't be LA without the buzz.

  • Stickers Star in New MacBook Air Spot

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    Apple has recently said it's taking more work in-house and out of the hands of long-time agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab. If we didn't know this spot was created by TBWA, we could have sworn it was done by people more intimate with the brand's DNA. But TBWA did, indeed, nail it — returning to having quick cuts set to a great track, reminiscent of ads from the iPod days.

  • Vending Machines in Turkey Feed Stray Dogs

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    There are about 150,000 stray cats and dogs on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. So many, that people neglect to feed or water them. Turkish company, Pugedon, decided to do something about the problem. They built vending machines that take recyclable bottles and cans as payment. Insert your empty bottle and kibble drops out the bottom. The money collected from recycling the bottles goes toward further purchase of food.

  • Kids Cursing In Movies

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    Enjoy your weekend, ass wipe.


  • This Year's "Wow" D&AD Title Sequence

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    Befitting of the highest award you can win in advertising. Designer and 3D artist Douglas Bowden is the brain behind it.

  • The Gift: New Film from Budnitz Bicycles and Partizan

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    Set within the mind of a man as he watches the woman he loves transform his gifts into freedom. Starring the Budnitz Model No.3, a beautiful woman, a pigeon and a bucket of water. Written and directed by Russ Lamoureux.

  • Dead Man Tweeting

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    ALS victims star in ads and social media after they pass away. Haunting and effective. Agency: Publicis, Amsterdam.

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