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SATURDAY MORNING’s creation of the “Peace Briefs,” a line of underwear designed to save lives by creating conversation and empathy with an understanding of how important fashion is to urban youth, was awarded a Silver Lions at the 2018 Cannes Festival of Creativity in the Outdoor Spaces category.  The Outdoor Lions celebrate creativity experienced out of home – work which leverages public spaces to telegraph a message or immerse consumers in a brand experience.

SATURDAY MORNING launched the Peace Briefs less than a year ago as a way to bring understanding between the police and the community they serve. Using its creativity, the team at SATURDAY MORNING went beyond an advertising campaign and created a product.

“We formed SATURDAY MORNING two years ago to use our creative super powers to address issues of social and racial inequality,” explained Keith Cartwright, Co-Founder of SATURDAY MORNING and Executive Creative Director at 72 & Sunny. “Our goal was to create a coalition based on the belief that change can happen through creativity.”

As they noted in the Cannes entry, “Being forced to raise your hands, or lay on the ground during an arrest creates a rare opportunity to display a message of humanity and understanding. The waistband of these undergarments became a billboard to deliver a message of peace with lines that read, “I am not armed,” “I am a father,” “Please Don’t Shoot,” among others.

“This is the most meaningful award we have all received because it demonstrates that the world recognizes the importance of the work we are doing and our movement to bring change,” added Geoffrey Edwards, Co-Founder of SATURDAY MORNING and Executive Creative Director at R/GA LA.

The creation of the Peace Briefs was a collaboration with SATURDAY MORNING’s four co-founders, Keith Cartwright, Geoffrey Edwards, Jayanta Jenkins and Kwame Taylor-Hayford. It was brought to life through the dramatic photography and documentary-style filming of Estavan Oriol who used the streets of downtown LA as his canvas.

“The outdoor competition was fierce. The medium continues to be an amazing display of creative prowess and we are humbled to have been recognized,” said Jayanta Jenkins, who also serves as Global Creative Director for Twitter and was on the Outdoor Jury. He was asked to leave the room when the Peace Brief’s entry was judged and was not permitted to judge that category.

SATURDAY MORNING is expanding its offering in new directions. It recently launched an initiative with Spotify, “Black History is Happening Now.” The program is launching it’s second piece of content and its fellowship this month, as part of a year-long program that pays tribute to Black History all year round with meaningful programmed and promoted content. The hub highlights the artists, creatives and organizations that are working to impart change for communities of color.

“The past two years have been a journey for SATURDAY MORNING and we are now in a position where we are developing our own initiatives such as the Peace Briefs, while working directly with iconic brands including Spotify and Proctor & Gamble,” noted Kwame Taylor-Hayford, who also works as the Managing Director at Chobani.



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