Corona Tells an Epic Stop-Motion Story of its Quality and Shared Progress with Mexico


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Corona may be Mexico’s most recognizable brand, with sales in 180 countries. In an epic stop-motion animation film narrated by Gael García Bernal, Corona shows how its history is entwined with Mexico’s.
“The History of ‘La Cerveza Mas Fina,’” created in conjunction with creative agency Observatory in Los Angeles, is a Spanish-language campaign for the Mexican market. The production narrates, in four chapters, the deep-rooted relationship Corona has with Mexicans since its beginnings in 1925, shortly after the Mexican Revolution. It was founded by a group of bakers who decided to use Corona’s iconic clear-glass bottle so that everyone could see it was made with the finest ingredients.
Moving forward, during the golden age of Mexican cinema, the Corona Caravan brought culture and Coronas to every corner of the country. During the 80’s, even when the country was being hit by economic crisis, the brand began an ambitious export plan, which helped the Mexican name span the globe. In the final chapter, we see how Mexicans in the present have learned to turn obstacles into opportunities, tearing down physical and mental barriers.
“History says that we are made of the finest, and the finest never stops,”  García Bernal says in the 60-second video.
The campaign was inspired by the label on every Corona bottle: La Cerveza Mas Fina. “La Mas Fina means quality and craft. So everything we did in our campaign had to have the same craft as our beer,” says Clarissa Pantoja, Director of Corona.
The visual inspiration of this history stems from the imaginary universe of renowned Mexican surrealist artist Pedro Friedeberg. His famous patterns and distinctive vanishing points, as well as the iconic “Hand-Chair” in which García Bernal begins to tell the story, help this production tie into Mexico’s vibrant legacy of art.
The film was directed by Nicolas Ménard, produced and animated by London/LA based Nexus Studios. It took 24 images per second to give life and movement, all of which had to be filled with meticulously handcrafted sets and figures. The character models were designed at Nexus, then 3D printed and painted by Andy Gent’s team at Arch Model Studios whose credits include Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ and ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ as well as Henry Selick’s ‘Coraline’ and Tim Burton’s ‘Corpse Bride’. The music is an original score by Bridget Samuels, interpreted by an orchestra of over 50 musicians in London.


Client Corona, Mexico

Title The History of ‘La Cerveza Mas Fina’


Chief Executive Officer Carlos Lisboa

BU Chief of Marketing Carlos Ranero

Brand Marketing Director    Clarissa Pantoja

Communications Manager    Alejandro Gershberg

Connections Director Javier Garcia

Experiential Marketing Director Rodolfo Vargas

Content Marketing Manager Cesar Alcantara

Project Lead Susana Medina


Agency Observatory Marketing

Co-Chief Creative Officer Todd Hunter

Creative Directors Jessica Hundley

Nicole McDonald

Head of Production Chris Totushek

Producer Lula Fotis

Senior Brand Director Erin Heyns

Brand Executive Mack Montague

Production Company

Production Company Nexus Studios

ECD / Co-Founder Chris O’Reilly

Director   Nicolas Ménard

Executive Producer Luisa Murray

Producer   Jo Bierton

Production Manager Rebecca Archer

Lead / Supervisor Nico Domerego

Art Director Jack Cunningham

Puppet and Set Fabrication Andy Gent

Music Bridget Samuels

Sound Design And Mix Barking Owl


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