Pavone Group’s SpotBowl is back, and it’s predicting the winners


By thelaegotist / /

Pavone Group’s annual Super Bowl commercial poll, SpotBowl, is celebrating a milestone this year with its 20th game. In addition to letting America sound off about their favorite (and least favorite) ads, the data scientists at Pavone Group are using predictive analytics to forecast the winners. 

To bring predictive analytics to life, Pavone Group created a proprietary algorithm that analyzes each spot to determine which commercials will be effective and whether that commercial will perform well in polls like SpotBowl.

“Our hope is that marketers who are looking for insights into what consumers will respond to will be able to use this tool⁠—not just in the Super Bowl⁠—to gain a competitive edge,” said Pavone Group President and CEO Michael Pavone.

For now, pre-game voting is already underway at SpotBowl on the pre-released ads. The SpotBowl polls will remain open until noon on Monday, February 13.


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