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Creative shop’s strategy group taps social influencers for insights on trends affecting content

Recognizing that social influencers are leaders in social media marketing, Trailer Park’s strategy group, headed by Jake Katz, is working with creators to provide brand and entertainment marketers with out of the box insights to generate engagement and build audiences.

“Influencers, or creators, are the ultimate digital strategists. The Creator Advisory Board is an
unprecedented industry tool that cares about this community’s expertise, not their reach. The tool
will feed best practices from those shaping social media culture – trends, new platforms,
engagements tactics – to big brands aiming to understand and win within it,” said Katz.

While marketers struggle to gain visibility and breakthrough in an increasingly cluttered social
media landscape, Trailer Park plans to bolster their client offerings with an additional resource
that serves as a pulse on the latest trends. Unique to Trailer Park is their deep entertainment
heritage, which they will use as a lens to dive deep into how creators build audiences and foster
community, and how these behaviors translate into entertainment marketing ROI. Trailer Park will
utilize the Creator Advisory Board as a consulting arm to address issues on video marketing,
content and audience engagement strategies.

The creator participants will change on a quarterly basis and include a cross-section of social
personalities who represent a diverse mix of voices.

Included in the Q3 creator advisory are:
*Madeleine Byrne – Actress and Creator best known for the Brat series Turnt (2018),
#Twominutesoffame and Threads (2017), Byrne’s grew to fame with Instagram amassing
220k+ Instagram followers.

*Motoki Maxted – Motoki has an expansive presence across Facebook (4.1M followers),
YouTube (344K subscribers), and Instagram (444.5K Instagram followers). He often shares
videos about his life on YouTube and posts funny pictures across Instagram and

*Cassie Diamond – A lifestyle and beauty guru, her videos amass hundreds of thousands of
views. She is relatable to young girls of all ages.

*Jazmine Lucero – Jazmine came from with over 2.64M followers and has since
transitioned into Tik Tok, the Chinese music video platform, as well as acting and singing. She
recently toured with boy band “Why Don’t We” in 2017. She often shares her current projects
and gives fans a peak into her everyday life on YouTube and other social platforms.

This news follows the Spring launch of Trailer Park’s Marquee, a dedicated strategy group, which
provides clients with strategic services and consumer insights. With the aim to lead the
conversation around the current and future state of the entertainment, its first co-branded
report in partnership with the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Innovation Lab,
Marketing Content in the Attention Matrix, debuted early July.


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