Lord Danger and Mike Diva Harness the Spirit of Mixer in a new Network ID Campaign for Microsoft


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Lord Danger and Mike Diva harness the spirit of Mixer in a new network ID campaign for Microsoft’s livestreaming service. The campaign embodies an otherworldly, hyper-imaginative gaming scape where absurdist humor and morphing collaged imagery align.

Watch them here >
“The Fall” –




“POV Dino”


Client: Microsoft Mixer.com

Titles: “The Fall,” “Dogformers,” “POV Dino”

Production: Lord Danger
Director: Mike Diva
Executive Producer: Josh Shadid
Producer: Marissa Alanis
VFX: Vincent Viriot – “The Fall”
VFX: Kokofreakbean – “POV Dino”
VFX: Peter France – “POV Dino” “Dogformers”
Music: David Dahlquist and Mike Diva – “The Fall,” “Dogformers”
Music: Kokofreakbean – “POV Dino”
Sound Mixer: Kevin Senzaki


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