Bullit’s Allison Amon Shares Sundance Tips


By thelaegotist / / We’d like to say this interview with Bullit’s EVP of Sales and Development Allison Amon was conducted on the Park City Town Lift, but I missed my flight. In anticipation of this year’s film festival, we spoke with Amon about adventures, filmed or otherwise, that bring her back again and again. The LA Egotist: You’ve been going to Sundance for 16 years – what first brought you there and what brings you back, year after year? Allison Amon: It’s the talent, hands down. I am completely inspired by the filmmakers who bring their films to Sundance. Whether it is their first film or their 10th – the quality of storytelling, cinematography, and editing is top notch. I love seeing a first-time filmmaker engage with an audience and present their creative vision. And I love watching a veteran explain what led them to connect with the subject, script and actors. It’s a thrill knowing the work I see at Sundance will shape the Independent film scene in the year to come. TLAE: Shorts, features, or new frontiers – where do you find the most inspiration? AA: I love the documentaries, but that being said some of my top 10 films I have seen have been from narrative side. It does seem like each year presents a theme – last year I saw three films about Syria, all excellent and distinct. TLAE: What are you most looking forward to this year at both Sundance and Slamdance? AA: I am hoping to see about 20 to 25 films this year, with a focus on domestic comedy and documentary. And I am so very proud to be working with The Russo Brothers as they present a young filmmaker at Slamdance a fellowship opportunity. It is the kind of support of and giving back to the filmmaking community that thrills me. TLAE: Any advice for festival first-timers? AA: Use the amazing public transport system (it is free), and pay attention to location and schedule. Some theaters are very far from each other and that can make for a challenging day. Bring snacks in your pockets. Drink plenty of water. It is a marathon – go the distance. TLAE: Although your primary interest is filmmaking talent, what’s an appropriate level of brand integration at an event of this kind? What works best, in your view? AA: This is an interesting question. I love how the brands now have created a parallel experience. They support the creativity of the festival and also provide other storytelling opportunities for filmmakers. I am also interested to see how brands and advertisers integrate themselves amongst the independent films – every year the relationship grows closer and stronger and it always results in something very interesting. TLAE: To ski or not to ski – for many, that is the question. AA: Oh certainly SKI! I get on the snow in Mammoth most weekends but there is nothing like Utah powder and the slopes are empty at that time! I always get at least a half a day on the slopes during the festival run. Protip: The carrot cake at Deer Valley is off the hook.