Author Luis F. Farfán Releases Biographical Book “Heat Wave” Documenting Trump’s First 100 Days


By thelaegotist / / “The First 100 Days” is a phrase that refers to the crucial period after a president is sworn into office. It’s when analysts produce report cards after closely tracking whether campaign promises are becoming actual accomplishments. Author Luis F. Farfán flipped this idea. The Los Angeles-based ex-punk-rock-drummer/failed-medical-student-turned-advertising-creative wrote his book “Heat Wave” as a coping mechanism to deal with the immediate effects the 2016 election was having on him as a Mexican American. The book (in its 2nd pressing is available on-line from the publisher’s website Cash Machine ( All proceeds go to CHIRLA The biographical book gives each passing day of the early Trump presidency context and relevancy from the POV of a proud Mexican immigrant who is working and living in the U.S. while looking at the state of the nation through the prism of front page headlines of an iconic news publication. “The project is purposely brutish, unrefined, and even ugly at times,” Farfán warns. “Its point is to visually communicate and capture the visceral feelings that millions of us were trying to work out in those embryonic shock days of the Trump presidency.” Currently, Luis is working at Vice in LA and split my time between LA and Mexico City where I am working on a book of short stories.