Saturday Morning Launches Peace Briefs


By thelaegotist / / Line of Underwear Designed to Save Lives The founders of Saturday Morning, a movement created to use creativity to address issues of racial and social inequality, announced the launch of Peace Briefs – a new line of underwear with purpose built waist bands. Inscribed on the bands of each pair of Peace Briefs are words that are designed to impact potential crisis’ with police and minorities. The lines include: I AM NOT ARMED PLEASE DON’T SHOOT I HAVE A FAMILY MY LIFE MATTERS I AM A FATHER WE DON’T HATE “When we started SATURDAY MORNING, our goal was to use our super powers – which for us is creativity – to create ideas, solutions and products that could impact the issues of racial injustice and division that our country faces today,” explained Geoff Edwards, co-founder of SATURDAY MORNING and Co-Head of Creative at CAA. “Wearing a pair of Peace Briefs is a way for inner city youths and minorities to express their values and beliefs peacefully.” Saturday Morning launched last year with the goal of inviting the creative community to share ideas for solving its creative brief: “The police and the community they serve. How do we reduce the violence?” They received over 8000 ideas from students at Syracuse University and hundreds submitted through its website from designers, artists, musicians and others. Together, the founders of SATURDAY MORNING solved their own brief when the idea for Peace Briefs came together amongst themselves. “We believe that a pair of underwear could potentially save lives, especially in a city like Chicago where the concentration of dissidence between the police and the south side of the City is at all time high. In 2016 there were 762 murders recorded, the highest in the history of the city,” explained Keith Cartwright, co-founder of SATURDAY MORNING and Executive Creative Director at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. “Our hope is that the simple messages on the waist bands will help ease the tension and reduce the violence.” The Peace Briefs are available online at Saturday Morning plans to use proceeds from the sale of the briefs to fund free distribution of the briefs to inner city youths in Chicago, Los Angeles and other markets.