By thelaegotist / / Filmmakers Renowned for Empathetic Storytelling, Acclaimed Work for Google, American Express, Delta & More Bicoastal Station Film welcomes Henry/Ssong, the award-winning directing duo of Henry Chen and Ssong Yang, to the company for North American representation. The filmmakers behind critically acclaimed work such as Google’s “Saroo Brierley: Homeward Bound”—spotlighted in Adweek and Forbes and noted by TED as one of the year’s “Top 10 Ads Worth Spreading”—and Hozier’s richly cinematic “From Eden” music video, have established themselves as empathetic global storytellers who bring tangible emotion to both narrative and documentary work. Their commercials and content for multi-national brands Honda, American Express, Delta, Elevit, Microsoft and Telenor share the common theme of elevating the everyday hero through relatable performance, beautiful visuals and a natural cadence that allows the story to shine. The news was announced today by Stephen Orent, Managing Partner, and Caroline Gibney, Partner/Executive Producer, of Station Film. Henry/Ssong have always been drawn toward work that “encourages curiosity, or supports a mission, a message with a good cause and the potential to be thought provoking.” The filmmakers embrace subjects like solar energy, climate change, civil rights, personal growth, friendships and relationships, and always strive to accentuate their storytelling “with a visual style that incites passion.” In addition to commercials, Chen (Henry) is currently developing his first feature, a biopic about a mid-western civil rights figure, while Yang (Ssong) is writing a feature and short film about community support and mental health. Chen, who spent much of his youth in Taiwan, is based in Los Angeles, and Yang, who grew up on the East Coast, New England and Seoul, currently lives in Brooklyn. Henry/Ssong are repped in the UK by Great Guns. Before joining Station Film, Henry/Ssong were repped by m ss ng p eces.