Dailey fundraising PSA warns Angelenos about dangers of free-range Derby Dolls


By thelaegotist / / Ever wonder what would happen if the roller derby girls were allowed to roam free on the streets of L.A., kicking a little silicon-plumped Angeleno ass? A new ad from Dailey for the L.A. Derby Dolls offers just that, all in an attempt to keep the Dolls from losing their home. After the much publicized Oakland warehouse fire in December 2016, the City of Los Angeles dramatically reduced the number of temporary special event permits issued to facilities including the “Dollosseum,” the converted El Sereno warehouse that has served as the Derby Dolls’ home since 2015. As an all-volunteer cooperative, the league relies largely on the proceeds from ticket sales to pay its expenses. The permit delay has resulted in numerous event cancellations, and left the Dolls in limbo. The “Keep the L.A. Derby Dolls Rolling” video spot, created pro bono by the West Hollywood-based Dailey, imagines newly homeless Dolls unleashed on an unsuspecting Los Angeles. Hip-checking an actor out of his awkward audition, swatting coffee out of a phone-gazing pedestrian’s hand, elbow-blocking a bicyclist along the Santa Monica Pier—the spot shows just how badly the team needs their home to stay out of mischief. “The Derby Dolls need a place to skate,” the ad warns. “Donate to help save their home. And keep ‘em off the streets.” In January, the Derby Dolls established a GoFundMe account (https://www.gofundme.com/keepLADDrolling) to raise the $119,500, to update infrastructure and bring the Dollosseum up to code, and other expenses. So far, the league has raised nearly half of the needed amount. “We read about their plight and wanted to find a creative way to help them out,” said Marcus Wesson, Executive Creative Director at Dailey. “Their mission of empowering women through sport is so important, especially in these times.” “From start to finish they have actively worked with us to create a piece that not only gets the word out about our situation but also shows the public how fun and cheeky the L.A. Derby Dolls can be,” said WhoreChata (AKA Brenda Davidge), FreshMeat Skater and Head of PR. CREDITS: Dailey Managing Partner – Jean Grabow Managing Partner – Bill Waldner Executive Creative Director – Marcus Wesson Creative Director – Lori Jones Creative Director – Michael Miller Content Producer – Krissy DeRossi Director/Editor – Nick Lovell Production Company – Dailey Studio Director/Editor – Nick Lovell