New Vision Zero Los Angeles Site Visualizes The Harsh Reality of Traffic Deaths


By thelaegotist / / Every year, more than 200 people are killed while trying to move through the city of Los Angeles. Nearly half of those killed are walking or bicycling, and an alarming number are children and older adults. In an effort to eliminate vehicle violence, the city of Los Angeles partnered with local design studio, Use All Five to create the new site for Vision Zero LA: On the interactive site, visitors enter their daily commute to work — similar to how they would using a GPS application — and see just where lives were taken on the streets of Los Angeles on their path to their destination. It reveals the harsh reality of just how many people have lost their lives when moving around the city. The site also allows visitors to share stories of their loved ones who were lost in accidents and learn more about projects and efforts in Los Angeles to eradicate traffic deaths by 2025. The site was developed and designed entirely by Use All Five, a local studio whose employees have been affected by the startling number of traffic deaths in the city. The studio’s team met with teens across the city in workshops, leading them to create a number of the site’s features including the route finder and the street view component. Outside of this project, Use All Five helps institutions, organizations and household name brands such as Google, the Guggenheim, and UCLA and more uncover the endless possibilities of making an impact through design and technology.