O Positive Signs Award-Winning Director Jun Diaz


By thelaegotist / / Versatile talent brings expertise in narrative, comedy & visual storytelling Bicoastal/international O Positive Films, recently honored by The Gunn Report as the most-awarded production company in the world, has signed acclaimed filmmaker Jun Diaz for commercials and content. Diaz is renowned as one of the industry’s top visual storytellers, with work that combines both strong art direction and production design, and understated comedic performances. Among the highlights of his work is the Cannes Lion-winning Twix #TBT campaign via BBDO New York; he has also directed for Converse, eBay, Heineken, MasterCard, Yahoo and many other brands. Diaz began his career in film as an editor, first in long form where his credits include the critically acclaimed documentary about Hollywood producer Robert Evans The Kid Stays in the Picture, for which he received an A.C.E nomination, as well as American Movie and Home Movie, and later as a commercials editor at MacKenzie Cutler in New York. Diaz drew upon his keen understanding of film language and storytelling, both comedic and visual, and segued to directing commercials in 2008 at Smuggler. Diaz’s own creative streak runs deep. In addition to commercials, he’s researching a documentary about the 1964 Olympics in Japan and how the event transformed Tokyo from post World War II pariah to the thriving metropolis it is today. He’s also developing a project for VR, a series he co-wrote around the classic Dickens’ work, A Christmas Carol.