Turtle Super Bowl Set to Compete With – – – The Super Bowl


By thelaegotist / / Promotion by TVGla Promotes View Master VR View-Master is set to make history this weekend when they release a first-of-it’s-kind 360 VR experience and offer up what is perhaps the smallest game in town, the first annual TURTLE BOWL featuring the Los Angeles Lizards against the Carolina Crocodiles. https://www.facebook.com/pg/ViewMaster/posts/?ref=page_internal The TURTLE BOWL is very likely to be the only game viewers will see this weekend where players routinely score TDs without a ball, and in the other team’s end-zone. The “game” is actually an epic highlight reel that takes the best moments from over 4 hours of game play cut down to just a couple minutes to give you nothing but shell on shell turtle action. “We wanted to deliver an amazing football experience in full 360 this weekend,” said Mark Morse, Global Marketing Director for Advanced Concepts at Mattel. “While developing the View-Master VR viewer, we learned that high speed, frenetic action doesn’t always translate successfully to VR due to the latency issues on many mobile devices. We found the turtles had the perfect, languorous pace to ensure everyone could follow the action on the field.” In a special stadium built by digital agency TVGla, eight all-star turtles face off against each other with two turtle refs to ensure safety, fairness and game rules are enforced. Expect to see big plays by “Myrtle ‘Fire Truck’ Jefferson” facing off against “Yurtle ‘Fish Food’ Lewis with help from “Shelly “Fuel Injection’ Smith.” Three professional turtle handlers oversaw the production that featured four different types of turtles. The custom stadium features it’s own “small game” billboard ads from turtle-type made up brands such as Rockapedic and “Shellashionship.com.” A preview of the game was given to a select group of pre-teens and teens, many of whom requested a replay of the action. TVGla has created a number of humorous promotional videos to support View-Master VR including a 360 take off on “Black Friday” madness and a Yule Log experience. “We want to make sure people are connecting View-Master with stand-out VR content, not only as a way to consume it, but also as a brand that creates it,” said Julie Gargan, Executive Creative Director The 360 video of the Turtle Bowl was shot in 360 and will be featured on View-Master’s Facebook and page beginning Friday, February 3rd. Behind the scenes footage will also be used for social content.