Not Looking Forward to the Inauguration? Then Swear Him In


By thelaegotist / / This Friday, Donald Trump will take the oath of office. For millions of Americans, the thought of that day evokes feelings of denial, dread, and red-hot anger. A team of creatives and developers have created an initiative that aims to use Inauguration Day as time for action. Swear Him In turns curse words into donations towards organizations that are threatened by the incoming administration. Every “fuck” is $1 pledged to The Center for Reproductive Rights, every “shit” goes to Greenpeace, and every “damn” to the ACLU. On January 20th, everyone who’s pledged to give a “fuck,” “shit,” or “damn” will flood those organizations with donations, turning their swear words into action. “To be able to do something helpful on Inauguration Day is empowering and even a little cathartic,” says the team behind Swear Him In. “We hope this will give people the chance to let off some steam in a positive way.” Those who give a damn are encouraged to go to to make their pledges in advance of the inauguration. Other alternatives for those who need outlets for their anger include The UnNaugural Concert, the Concert for America broadcast on Facebook Live, and the Women’s March and Sister Marches (in many U.S. cities) on Jan. 21. Credits: Creatives: Jen Hart, Brad Kayal, Aryan Aminzadeh, Angie Hering Producer: Stephany Sperberg Developers: Jimmi Heiserman, Eric Miller, Brandon Liu Organization: Swear Him In