When I Grow Up…A Project That Reminds Everyone About The Importance Of Voting.


By thelaegotist / / A team of LA creatives were inspired to unite and create a piece of sharable content that would not just remind Americans about the importance of voting, but also remind them of the Presidents that came before… and the powerful legacies they left behind. The Presidents who embodied qualities of true leadership and stood for principles that helped unite us as a nation. From the filmmakers: We invited a variety of Americans from all ages and all walks of life to answer one simple question: who was the President that inspired you most throughout your life… the President you wanted to be like when you grew up. We had a table full of framed portraits of past Presidents and asked each of our subjects to select the one that meant the most to them. In listening to our subjects talk about these Presidents, what stood out to us was the consistent themes of kindness, strength, fairness, and the ability to bring people together — a far cry from what we’ve seen represented in parts of the 2016 election. We want this film to remind voters to think about the example we’re setting for the next generation. Of the two candidates on the ticket, who do we think will do a better job at inspiring our children? That’s the person we hope Americans vote for. Directors Matt Ogens and Steve Oritt approached Creative Director/writer David Blacker to help brainstorm a concept that could be turned around quickly and on a modest budget. The goal was to create something original, simple and effective. The “When I Grow Up” concept was born. We called upon our talented and hard-working industry friends (Producer John Nguyen, Union Editorial’s Daniel Luna and DP John Tipton) to help turn this around in record speed. Credits Directed by Matt Ogens (Bullitt) and Steven Oritt Creative Director/Writer: David Blacker Producer: John Nguyen Director of Photography: John Tipton Music by WAZ-JACKSON Post Production: Union Editorial Editor: Daniel Luna Post Executive Producer: Michael Raimondi Post Producer: Samantha Machado Assistant Editor: Hunter Lurie and Roman Petrov Finishing: Resolution Logan Aries: Finishing Producer Maury Rosenfeld: Flame Artist Milos Zivkovic: Sound Engineer