Kahlúa® Launches “Staging Tiny Rebellions”: A Movement to Overthrow Pretentiousness


By thelaegotist / / Kahlúa is taking on the over-the-top “artisanal,” “craft” excess of today’s drinking culture with a new brand campaign that reaffirms its roots as an original — and different — drink of choice. The marketing initiative introduces a new tone of voice for Kahlúa. The work amplifies research findings that speak to the iconic brand’s attributes as the unexpected – but fun – choice. The Kahlúa consumer of today, according to research, associates Kahlúa with offbeat good times and social gatherings. In order to connect with this consumer target, Sew, Kahlúa’s global agency of record, worked with Funny or Die to develop a series of films http://www.Kahlúa.com/us/tiny-rebellions/ inspired by “old school” PSAs. The series urges consumers to step away from the mustachioed, cocktail-shaker-wielding mixologists and their 18-ingredient offerings. Instead, Kahlúa suggests they stage a “Tiny Rebellion” and go for something fun, delicious and simple — like a Kahlúa cocktail such as a White Russian or Mind Eraser. Comedian and actress Jillian Bell plays host Leesa Carols Tyler-Jacobs and introduces each “PSA” as a message encouraging consumers to be true to themselves and do what they want, not what they should. Four films will be promoted on a Tiny Rebellions microsite on Kahlúa’s homepage, as well as through the brand’s owned social channels and digital marketing. The first two are below: