Hey Wonderful Signs Directing Collective Little Village


By thelaegotist / / Versatile Filmmakers Offer Full Gamut of Resources, including Cinematography, Photography, Producing and Editing RSA’s Hey Wonderful has signed Little Village, a directing collective specializing in branded content, commercials and documentary shorts. Led by Campbell Brewer and Mike Malagon, Little Village has the distinctive ability to tell stories from the perspective of some of the industry’s most exciting young talent and go beyond to tap into their collective community for cinematography, photography, producing and editing. Little Village has directed for brands such as Airbnb, Patagonia, Southwest Airlines and Vans, always with a style grounded in relatable human moments, experiences and authenticity. The news was announced today by Michael Di Girolamo, Managing Director/Executive Producer of Hey Wonderful. Both Brewer and Malagon learned their craft shooting in challenging locations with nimble crews, and as a result are versatile shooters, directors, editors and producers. Over the past seven years, they’ve filmed in over 30 countries including some of the most remote places on earth—the Mongolian steppe, the jungles of Sri Lanka and even the 14,500-foot summit of Mt. Whitney in their home state of California. Passion for a brand’s core values drives their work to date, which is often experiential and story-driven, with philanthropical tie-ins providing an added draw. Campbell and Malagon first worked together on location in Istanbul for group travel company EF. They formed Little Village in 2014, choosing the name because of collective experience rooted in teamwork, creative collaboration and community spirit. Hey Wonderful is their first home for commercial representation.