Felt introduces the Mother-in-Law Card Collection, in time for Mother’s Day


By thelaegotist / / Humanaut created hilarious greeting cards for your Mother-in-Law for Mother’s Day/May 8th, to promote the handwritten card app Felt. Let’s face it. The relationship between anyone and their mother-in-law can be a little awkward at times, especially around Mother’s Day. Should you send a Mother’s Day card? She’s your mom, but not really. Thankfully Felt has created a solution for this age-old social quandary: the Other Mother’s Day Card Collection. A new line of greeting cards specifically designed to send to your Mother-in-law on Mother’s Day. The best part is you can write and send these cards and mail them all from your iPhone or iPad. The cards range from sweet: To very honest: To outrageous: Other Mother’s Day cards along with real Mother’s Day cards can all be found in the Felt app and are just 3 bucks to send. View the full Other Mother’s Day Collection here. Credits: Client: Felt Agency: Humanaut Creative Director: David Littlejohn Strategist: Andrew Clark Copywriter: Andy Pearson, Liza Behles Design Director: Stephanie Gelabert Designer: Coleson Amon / Carrie Warren About Felt: VIDEO Felt is an app that lets you send handwritten cards, photos and gift cards all from your iPhone or iPad. All cards are sealed in a custom square, craft envelope with a first class, hand applied stamp, as if you sent it yourself. Felt has recently been featured in TechCrunch and the Apple App Store and will be appearing in an episode of ABC Shark Tank on May 20th.