Director Julien Rocher Joins Tröll Pictures


By thelaegotist / / Los Angeles-based commercial production company Tröll Pictures recently announced the addition of Julien Rocher to its directorial roster. Rocher is an accomplished filmmaker with an eye for cinematic visuals that demand repeat viewings. “Julien’s commercial work, particularly for automotive brands, is some of the best I’ve ever seen,” said Tröll executive producer Peter Steinzeig. “He sees things from unexpected perspectives, and has an innate ability to translate that perspective and that curiosity onto the screen.” With American and French parents, Rocher was born and raised in France within a community of artists and creatives who nurtured his interest in filmmaking. Following that passion, he began his career as a TV editor before transitioning into cinematography and directing for documentaries, developing the unique skill of underwater filmmaking along the way. He later launched a career in the commercial world, and to date has worked with globally-renowned brands including Infiniti, Nissan, Ubisoft, Sony, Nokia, and others. His diverse, engaging work is informed by both his technical knowledge and creative heritage. For more information on Julien Rocher please visit