What I Learned In 2015 By Wesley ter Haar, Co-Founder & COO MediaMonks


By thelaegotist / / I’m going to change “Things I learned” to the more apt “probably already knew but had forgotten or wilfully ignored” which tends to be how things play out after doing something similar for a long time (did I mention Media Monks is celebrating our 15 year anniversary in January?). If you scale it all down to the particulars it’s been humbling to be reminded constantly that the work we do relies more than anything on people being generally good. Good to work with, good at their work, good at making it work, and that goes for colleagues and clients. Strip away the job and our jobs, and it’s really just a bunch of people trying to make something happen, ideally in an enjoyable manner. On that note, another reminder, the people who fall outside of that very large group tend to cost a disproportionate amount of time and trouble, and probably aren’t worth either. Which brings us to that most conceptual of currencies, your time. A reminder that there is no downside to time well spent, focus, attention, dedication are all just synonyms for it, and there is very little that does not move in a desired direction when applied. Some quick reminders before I start ignoring these again: to stop looking at my phone when I’m walking, or talking to someone – or most insidiously when a thought pops up that deserves something more than to be quickly shunted to the side. Distraction is such a distraction. Another reminder: there is no crying in baseball, woe is me is the least functional of all feelings, complain cathartically but move on quickly as lingering is the cousin of losing. I’m giving 2015 several thumbs up, and a variety of stars and stripes. It’s been between good and great. Here’s hoping I’ve learned enough to say something similar about 2016. *Photo Credit: Bas de Graaf