What I Learned in 2015 By Joe Baratelli, EVP, Chief Creative Officer at RPA


By thelaegotist / / >You can’t replace human interaction. — The evil of email is true and real. Historians will look back in thousands of years at the fall of the information age and the cause will be email. People hide behind it. Lash out on it. Vent on it. And it’s impossible to take back. As a leader of talented (as well as skittish and paranoid) creatives, the only time I have to intervene around rifts is generally due to some lack of communication, and the stem of the misunderstanding is usually email. >I’m going to push for what these guys did: http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2015/12/life-after-email-how-one-company-banned-internal-emails-in-the-workplace/ >Video drives everything. — Clients want to see it. No one will make a move without it. The digital team wants to understand it. The media folks buy space for it. Everyone wants 360-degree integration. Everything starts with time-based art. Video, TV, film, whatever you call it, it’s how stories are told and it’s in more and more places. >We have to make stuff ourselves. — Two words take the cake: faster and cheaper. In-house. Run and gun. Influencers. You can never do it fast enough or cheap enough. >Experiences are more valuable than things. — In lieu of a gift, post house Rock Paper Scissors sent these angels our way. >Emojis and GIFs win.