What I Learned This Year – AKA – Stuff I’m Figuring Out by Jim Goodrich, Copywriter at Wongdoody LA


By thelaegotist / / In advertising years, I’m basically a toddler. That means I’m not pooping myself anymore like I was a year ago. But I’m still learning how to put one foot in front of the other, while my patient creative directors hold my weird, sweaty little hands to keep me from falling flat on my face. When I was asked to talk about what I learned this year, it was hard not to just be like, “everything.” Seriously. Watching me in the office over the past 12 months was probably like observing a newborn giraffe on ice skates. Sometimes disastrous, occasionally adorable, but mostly just awkward. But, at the same time, this giraffe of a person has started to figure some shit out. Kind of. So I thought it would be refreshing to share my insights into advertising as a growing, young-ish ad person who still has a lot left to learn. Here’s what I’ve realized: There’s nothing more frustrating than multiple people typing in a Google Doc. You’re not as bad at presenting as you think you are. Everyone hates when you bring all 37 of your scripts to the internal. The only downside of working at Wongdoody is that your mom is too embarrassed to tell her friends where you’re employed. Surprisingly, there aren’t that many Space Jam mugs on eBay when you have to find a replacement for your broken one. When you visit your ECD’s house for the first time, it almost feels like they have a life outside the office. Being nice is the best skill you can have. Thanks, Mom!