ADC’s Lee Clow Documentary Now Available On Demand


By usfndns / / [img_assist|nid=48966|title=|desc=|link=url|url=|align=center|width=480|height=320] What made the creative giants of today the legends we perceive them to be? Who drove them, encouraged them, mentored them, showed them the path to success? What lessons did they learn, what mistakes did they make, what dead ends, U-turns and detours got them to the top of the mountain? Do they even consider themselves at the top, or is the journey far from over? InspirADCion, a documentary film series created by advertising icon and ADC Board Member emeritus Rick Boyko and directed by ADC’s Conor Shillen, was envisioned as a way to answer those questions and share that knowledge with the world. After premiering at the 2014 ADC Festival in Miami Beach, InspirADCion: Lee Clow is screening at agencies and universities around the globe — from Istanbul to Singapore to Colombia to Canada and of course, Lee Clow’s hometown of Los Angeles. You can now watch it on-demand on Vimeo for just $5.