Peanut Butter Wolf Challenges You to Rap Over His Classic Track


By usfndns / / When the audio brand AIAIAI and record label Stones Throw teamed up to make a special edition of the TMA-1 headphone, one line from the label’s inaugural release ‘My World Premiere’ by Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf suddenly stood out: “When I didn’t have a mic, I rapped on headphones.” This inspired the partners to further develop the concept into the Rap Mic Contest. The track is there and the release date is set. The only thing missing is you. Simply download the World Premiere iPhone app with the classic beat, record your rhyme and upload it directly to the World Premiere Rap Mic Contest website. Label boss Peanut Butter Wolf will choose the winner and press up the winning recording on a 7” vinyl record. Agency: CP+B Scandinavia.