McDonald’s Kicks Off the World Cup with Soccer Prodigies and An Augmented Reality Fry Game


By usfndns / / As part of their multi-million dollar global sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup, McDonald’s decided to change the iconic red packaging of the world’s most famous fries. Working with The Marketing Store, DDB Chicago helped create 12 new packaging designs — each representing a different artist’s passion for the world’s biggest soccer tournament. DDB Chicago decided to use the packaging as a mechanism to launch McDonald’s customers into a fun app experience called McDonald’s GOL!. The augmented reality app is triggered from any of the 12 limited-edition FIFA World Cup fry boxes. To play the full game, app users must purchase fries to get a FIFA World Cup fry box. Upon scanning a box, players are immersed into a soccer trick shot game in which they shoot, bounce, flick and kick their way to glory. [img_assist|nid=46519|title=|desc=|link=url|url=|align=center|width=480|height=270] To promote the app DDB Chicago extended the idea of everyday people having amazing skills and created a long form online film. Fun, and no doubt expensive, stuff.