Entlebuch, Switzerland Invites Alien Travelers to Visit by Sending Message Into Space


By usfndns / / Entlebuch is Switzerland’s first official UNESCO biosphere — a protected area meant to demonstrate a balanced relationship between people and nature, encouraging sustainable development. Their sustainable way of living ensures the beauty of the Entlebuch Valley will be upheld in 50 years, 500 years, even 500,000 years. So the people in Entlebuch decided to invite tourists for a visit that might need a little longer to get here: extraterrestrials. They created The Entlebuch Message — a 24-hour invitation to visitors from outer space broadcast by one of Europe’s biggest radio telescopes. The message combined original Swiss yodeling, alphorn music, regional smells and sounds plus a reading of the entire Entlebuch chronicle. Hope they take the bait. Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf.