Dying Man is Selling His Entire Life for $100 Million


By usfndns / / Commercial real estate entrepreneur Benjamin Mallah has amassed a great deal of wealth during his career. He’s also amassed a terribly unkempt body — due to the stress of his job and unhealthy living — that his doctor has told him will peter out within the next five years. Instead of continuing to work himself into the grave, he’s decided to sell his entire life — $175 million in assets that he’s peeling off to the first taker for $100 million. That’s an instant profit of $75 million. His assets include hotels, restaurants, apartments, retail, yachts, a $3.5 million home and some crazy Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. Sleuthing around a little, the campaign definitely feels fake. The YouTube description was posted by Daniel Jones who says he owns an ad agency with a team that’s “dedicated the last six months of our lives bringing this cause to reality in hopes for Ben to be able to get healthy, spend time with his family, and extend his life.” Sure, dude. The video is also tagged as ‘comedy.’ So, there ya go. If you’re actually interested in applying for purchase and finding out who’s behind this one, go to www.lifeforsale.net.