“365” Saves Water AND Money


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People want to save money. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California wants them to save water. Turns out, they can do both at the same time.

When Metropolitan—a state-established cooperative of 26 cities and water agencies that provide water for nearly 19 million people—introduced its turf removal program a few years ago, offering cash rebates for people to remove their thirsty grass in the middle of the drought, the program was wildly popular. So much so, that residents asked for its return.

Metropolitan’s renewed Landscape Transformation Program again offers residents and businesses a rebate for replacing their grass with more water-efficient native landscaping and irrigation systems. This time, instead of being a short-term drought response, the program will be ongoing, with up to $50 million in applications accepted each year.

To get the word out for Metropolitan, Los Angeles advertising agency Quigley-Simpson created the multilingual, multicultural and multi-million dollar “365” campaign. With the tagline, “Every day is a chance to save water. And money,” the campaign not only encourages viewers to conserve, it offers direct help in doing so. The campaign guides them to bewaterwise.com, where they can apply for Metropolitan’s rebate programs, including cash back for water-saving washing machines, toilets, sprinkler nozzles, smart irrigation systems and other appliances, in addition to transforming their landscapes.

Southern Californians will see the campaign everywhere – from TV spots, to digital executions, to paid social media, to billboards and even small posters in local convenience stores and on lunch trucks. Executions will appear in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino. Multi-cultural partner agencies on the campaign included: interTrend/Rezonate for Asian/Pacific Islander American outreach, and Casanova//McCann for Hispanic.

Creative Credits

Advertised brand:  The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Campaign title: “365”
Agency: Quigley-Simpson, Los Angeles, USA
Executive Creative Director: Sariah Dorbin

Art Director: Ilham Budihartono

Copywriter: Emily Levant

Producer: Ilene Kramer

Production Company: Hey Baby

Director: Thibault Debaveye

Executive Producer: Johnny Parker

Photographer: Christopher Nelson

Producer: Jonathon Biebl, GO ATTICUS

Editor: Barnett Kiel, Cutters Studios


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