Wondros Director Oren Lavie Wins Prestigious “Young Director Award” At Cannes Film Festival For “Second Hand Lovers”


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Wondros Director Oren Lavie continues to ride a spectacular wave of award wins for his music video, “Second Hand Lovers” — a recent winner of the SXSW Music Videos Jury Award, “Best Concept” at the prestigious Berlin Music Video Awards, and most recently securing the Young Director Award at Cannes.

Lavie has written and directed internationally celebrated music videos and plays, along with distinguished music albums and children’s books published throughout the world. The Cannes, Berlin and SXSW wins this year are yet another derivative of Wondros’ Executive Producer of Music Dilly Gent’s reputation for discovering up-and-coming talent.

Title: Second Hand Lovers”
Written and Directed by: Oren Lavie
Script development: Oren Lavie and Nadav Lazar
Produced by: Rachel Vaserman, Gal Nae
Assistant Director: Harel Itscovitch
Editor: Amichy Bikovsky
Post/Color: Yaron Yashinsky
Production Manager: Nevo Jakobovitch
Artist Management & Production Coordination: Iris Avital
Choreographer: Maya Brinner
Music by: Oren Lavie



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