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Type Of Work:
Los Angeles, CA
Date Posted:
April 29, 2019


Motion Graphics Designer - Los Angeles

VFX has become an increasingly necessary part of the film environment these days and a talented motion designer is worth their weight in gold. Whether you’re adding holographic humanoids into an office space or creating an animated short to explain the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow, you are the creative visionary with the magic wand.

If you’re confident in your motion graphics talent, keep up with current graphic trends and love collaborating with other talented individuals, then this position is for you!

Work you’ll do

- Design cutting edge motion graphics using AE to bring our videos to life – some may be integrated overlays with live action, and others may be full-scale animated videos

- Provide creative vision to the editing process, bringing your own style to create beautifully composed work

- Create 2D and 3D animations from scratch

- Support development of the original creative vision at the start of each project (we’re not just going to hand you a pile of assets and wish you luck), to include development of storyboards and treatment books

The team

Our Digital Customer team focuses on designing and implementing sales and service experiences, capabilities, and architectures to bring customer strategies to life. Our ambition is to be the best in the world at driving customer transformation through the development of clever commercial strategies, distinctive experiences, and the application of digital technologies. We help make the “creative digital consultancy” real and in doing so, make new markets.

Professionals will serve our clients through the following types of work:

Sales Excellence & Service Excellence | delivers sales and service strategies and plans, operating model definition, incentive design and implementation, and operations support for digitally-enabled sales, channel, and customer service capabilities
Digital Experience | creates engaging omni-channel digital experiences across web, mobile, AR/VR, voice, gesture, IoT, and video
Flexible Consumption | the commercial strategy, operating model definition, and capability delivery of subscription/flexible consumption business models
Digital Foundry | a flexible, end-to-end delivery model emphasizing innovation and disruption
DigitalMix | an integrated set of platforms to enable business re-platforming

Required Qualifications

- 3+ years of experience creating and animating motion graphics (AE experience mandatory)

- History of telling compelling stories through unique creative assets and visual interactions

- Working knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator

- Basic knowledge of tracking footage and compositing

- Knowledge of UI / UX principles

Preferred Qualifications

- Editing video assets (Premiere)

- Cinema 4D experience

- Working experience in a 360° environment

- Color correction experience

- Basic knowledge of Sketch, Adobe XD, and Axure

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