Dear Jr Creative, Earn Your Place. You’ll Be Better For It.

by / May 21, 2013 / Dear Jr Creative, I’m a firm believer in earning your keep, starting from the bottom, doing the less than desirable well, before moving up. Prove yourself on what seemingly matters little, and people will notice. I promise. At the very least, I promise I’ll notice. Because it’s the unorthodox grind of a route I took. I was a rich kid from the suburbs. I was embarrassed by it. I hated it. It was a 90’s thing. In High School, and in Gen-X “rebellion” against my white col[Read More]

12 Must-Have iPhone Apps For Creatives

by / January 25, 2013 / Apps, apps, apps. Everywhere you look, they're there. Almost de riguer on digital briefs these days, like banners and MPUs were in the 'old' days. It's estimated that over 400,000 new apps will be released this year - as there clearly aren't enough already... So which of the current crop are actually useful to an iPhone-toting creative looking to boost their productivity or just find inspiration? We only have iPhones at Ego Towers. The good news is that many of those listed below are av[Read More]

Another quiet day for Improv Nowhere.

by / January 15, 2013 / Inspired by zeitgeist-surfing success of Improv Everywhere and the subsequent copying and rehashing by less talented and unimaginative groups and brands, Improv Nowhere regularly organises stunts where no one turns up, passers-by remain undisturbed and toes remain uncurled. Over the last year or so, Improv Nowhere has left public spaces like railway concourses and shopping centres free of flash-mobs, fake arguments and synchronised embarrassment. Often, members of Improv nowhere will turn [Read More]

What We Learned In 2012: Brian Ford

by / January 14, 2013 / Founder/Executive Creative Director of Zambezi. I’ve never been a person who reflects on the past. I’m the guy who records the present through words/pictures/film and then noodles with it later. I learn from the past by making things out of it. I’ve been doing it since middle school, and I think somewhere along the way I convinced myself that experiences and memories would be stronger if I made films or photo books out of them. I also wanted to impress my friends and have them no[Read More]

What We Learned In 2012: Jason Sperling

by / January 10, 2013 / Senior VP/Group Creative Director, RPA Jason Sperling is the creative force behind a number of highly iconic campaigns, like the launch of the iPhone and is perhaps best known as the creative director and driving force behind “Mac vs. PC” campaign. What I learned in 2012, in no particular order. It is not okay to be sitting on the couch watching TV, working on a laptop and instant messaging on an iPhone all at the same time. A li[Read More]