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Austin Lawrence

Austin Lawrence is an award winning composer who has successfully worked with film makers from all over the world including the New York Film Academy - Universal Studios, Los Angeles, London, Toronto, Colorado Film School and more. Austin is a completely self-taught composer with music experience in guitar, violin and piano. Becoming so immersed in music, Austin has developed his own music theory by combining color, psychology and music. He has applied this theory into his film scoring to win Best Original Score at the A3F Film Festival and First Place Audio Artistry Winner for the HAWX Trailer Re-score Competition.

Julien Boulier

I compose music, piano and virtual electronic sounds. I'm interested by different artistic collaborations, music, film score, documentary score, short films, theatre modern dance.

Tino Grigoriou

Singing Pro is a North Hollywood, CA based online vocal studio, offering online singing lessons for student of all level, groups and age. Highly trained and experienced instructors offer vocal training to aspiring singers to improve their singing skills.

Trudee Lunden

Writer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Singer, Composer and Music Publisher representing a selective group of Artists, Composers, Sound Designers and Music Producers. Our boutique network specializes in tailored theme songs and music productions to quickly fulfill creative briefs. We also provide cutting edge background music in multiple genres.

Vincent Lagadrilliere

Hello I am Vincent Lagadrilliere, a French composer. Playing live or back in my studio, I specialise in creating original scores across all media. ​Back in France, I composed for the likes of the National Dramatic Centre, the Beaubourg Centre (Centre George Pompidou) , la Maison de la Danse, or again GULS Productions. I also composed scores for events sponsored by the World Heritage, local councils or again for gallery openings. I also produced albums for other artists such as "Les Derniers Hommes". Feel free to contact me - I love to collaborate!
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