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Alaina Racioppi

I write stuff.

Andrew Ciaccio

Well, hello.

Anna Gregory

A lyrical copywriter and deep-thinking brand strategist with solid agency and client experience in global brands.

Anne Geri Butcher

ACD Copywriter, Creative lead. 13+ years in the industry. Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle. I support brand efforts to be in demand with conceptual, integrated thinking.

Barry Price

I have a background in writing ad copy. If you need quirky, humorous ad copy I'm your man. I've done TV, web, direct mail, point-of-purchase and more.


Looking to relocate to L.A.

Brian Button

I'm tall. I like sandwiches. And I write in the digital / traditional / interactive / wherever-words-are-needed space.

Candyce Pilliner

Jamaican-American copywriter missing easy access to the beach, so LA here I come! I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for the perfect idea. I'm a Creative Circus alum, and I've worked on McDonald's, Coca Cola, Boost Mobile, and Western Union doing TV, print, etc. Contact:

Chance Vineyard

Courtney Pulver

Some people call me "The Pulverizer". But it's mostly because my last name is Pulver. My brand repertoire: McDonald's, American Airlines, Kia, Coke, Boost Mobile, Eyemasters/VisionWorks, Discover Network, Best Friends Animal Society and Texas Tourism. I'm experienced in: television, print, radio, digital, ping pong, you-name-it. Contact:


Craig is a copywriter with 3 years agency experience concepting and creating TV, print, radio, 360, web copy and social media platforms. His work includes Amazon, Comcast, Super 8 Hotels, and Speed Stick. As if that weren't enough, he's also one hell of a nice guy. Bonus!

Daniel Galganski

Saying I am kind of into sports is like saying old ladies are kind of into cats. Since my playing days were over on the first day of practice years ago, ESPN is my E entertainment news,CNN, and WSJ. I absolutely cannot be left alone with a box of cheez-its but please keep me away from vases for it is likely I will break it with a whimsical hand gesture. I love advertising and obviously Mad Men since it would just be weird not to. A copywriter at heart and a believer that working hard does not have to be so serious, I strive to create the best work my brain can storm while honestly enjoying the ride.

Dustin M. Thomas

I am a Writer and All-Around Creative Guy seeking work as a Copywriter with a fun company. In my past, I've been a Copywriter, Producer, Director, Editor, Creative Director, Managing Editor, and have even worked a stint at a Homeland Security Think Tank. I'm an avid reader, and love working in teams.

erin campbell watson

(I'm the girl.) Looking to start doing great work with greater people. I'm a copywriter with experience in content design and organization; a liberal arts graduate with majors in Studio Art and English.

Gary L. Baker II

Gary L. Baker II is a dog lover, Matthew McConaughey fan, a beer enthusiast, but most important he is currently a copywriter at the VCU Brandcenter.

Hadji Williams

Veteran Copywriter whose worked on everything from AT&T to Aleve to Gillette to Mercedes Benz to Wrigley's Gum. If it goes in your mouth, in your driveway or in your house I've had a hand in selling it to you.

Ilan Frankel


Jackie Meyer

Copywriter. Smack talker. Ice cream eater.

Jade Cruz Quinn

I am currently creating in Boulder and the greater Denver area. Look me up on the Denver Egotist, and expect me back in the L.A. area sometime in 2015! Otherwise, I am available for telecommuting, and I make trips to Los Angeles a few times a year. Get in touch with me via my portfolio contact form if you have any questions.

Jason Sperling

Senior VP/Group Creative Director, RPA Jason Sperling is the creative force behind a number of highly iconic campaigns, from the launch of the iPhone and iPad to work for high-profile brands such as Fox Sports, Sega, Disney and Suzuki motorcycles. He is perhaps best known as the creative director and driving force behind the “Adweek” Campaign of the Decade-winning “Mac vs. PC” campaign, which helped drive record market share increases for the brand. Sperling’s other top industry honors include a Cannes Gold Lion, the Cannes Gold Cyber Lion, several One Show Golden Pencils and Clio Gold awards, and the Yahoo Purple Chair Award. He has been asked to speak to the Hawaiian Ad Council, the Otis School for Advertising, and various UCLA on-campus organizations. Recently, his grad school alma mater, the Academy of Art, awarded him its first-ever Distinguished Alumni Award. Prior to joining RPA, Sperling served as creative director on Apple at TBWA\Media Arts Lab. The LA native holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Even when he’s not at work, Sperling stays busy: he has seen every baseball stadium in the country and created an iPad app that he hopes will help kids (including his own) get better grades.

Kate Middleton

Since diving head first into the world of advertising in 2010, I’ve been lucky enough to learn the ropes from a talented posse of marketing masterminds. Their imparted wisdom, combined with my free-thinking mindset and obsessive-compulsive tendencies, has shaped the writer I am today. From broadcasts and brochures to websites, print ads and social media posts, I have the well-rounded experience necessary to deliver exceptional work every time. Read more at

Kiko Mattoso

I've been successfully working in Brazil for the past 10 years, as a copywriter. Now I want to work in Los Angeles or NY. I live in L.A, I'm currently studying screenwriting at NY Film Academy.

Kyunghyun Kim

Aspiring copywriter and advertising creative.

Laura Kelley

Social media, creativity, passion.

Leslie Karzen

I've been a creative resource for both agencies and businesses for over 20 years. I've done branding, digital, direct response, merchandising and sales promotion for global companies like Coke, Microsoft and Symantec and for small businesess like Sungevity, Condusiv and uSamp. I've built a career on starting conversations, engaging consumers with the right message and turning browsers into loyal customers.

Lisa Norris

I am a copywriter, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Spent a year in Chicago pouring my heart out to create a portfolio. After surviving my first snowfall and blizzard, I'm up for anything, anywhere. I can also cook a mean hot dog.

M.A. Hyler

Concept driven creative. Knack for copywriting. Interest in the psychological impact of design and advertising. Overall focus on marketability and PR. Stays current in technology, trends and pop culture. Thrives in a team environment. Uses both sides of the brain.

Melissa Stefanini

Just your average ruler of the universe! In my dreams! When I have time to sleep! When I'm not busy writing awesome copy! And using lots of !!!

Michael Kirby

I'm Michael Kirby. I can write copy for any media, including editorial. Or create concepts as part of a team. I can take a strategy, put together a team, develop an entire creative platform, present to decision makers, and Sherpa everything through production. Or, if there is no strategy, I have a proprietary 2-day process where I facilitate a complete brand analysis with stakeholders and produce strategic directions that can be put into play (see sentence above). I can pitch new business or save existing. I can also cook a mean beef bourguignon. garnered At one time, I served as Creative Director, writer &/or producer for Lois/EJL, Grey/LA, Tracy-Locke/LA, Kresser, Craig/LA, The Richard’s Group and other agencies. Today, I work for some pretty amazing agencies and directly with farsighted businesses. If you're either of those, we need to talk.

Mike Zuckerman

I be a Copywriter.


Mizzou grad. Currently in Denver interning at The Integer Group, working on Polaris.

Newton Cox

Nina Kauffman

Digital strategist and copywriter in the entertainment industry. Before that, researched, wrote, edited and marketed content in film, television, radio and PR. In between those I got a masters degree in management. Yay spreadsheets!!

Phil Henson

If I could have any super power it would be the ability to inflict brain-freezes at will.

raya smith

Rikki Spacy

A good man does what's right. A bad man does what's necessary. Rikki Spacy is a bad man. Being a bad man means not giving up—not giving up on what you believe in. Sometimes it’s hard—tight budgets, tight brand guidelines, tight…you know…clients. But all of the time, you have to fight. You have to fight for the words that need to be said, the ideas that need to be saved, and the creativity you need to get up and do your job every day.

Ryan Durr

Occasional purse holder. Alphabet killer. Human chew toy.

Ryan Hammill

Copywriter, affable raconteur and advertising bon vivant. Word up.

Ryan Myers

Copywriter. Screenwriter. Chef. Dungeon Master. Pants-wearer.

Sabrina Gaffney - Cagey Copywriter

As her clients will tell you, Sabrina delivers all marketing copy with clutch performance. When writing a bio, engaging a Facebook audience, or transforming the words on a website, the seasoned copywriter steers away from cookie-cutter language and corporate lingo. Sabrina produces colorful, luring copy that elevates her clients’ message. No banal shades of beige or vanilla here. This quick-witted red-head will capture the essence of your brand with smart, ardent and effervescent content. From country western singers to award winning real estate agents, Sabrina has worked with all sorts of clients. This staunch supporter of local businesses and entrepreneurs is passionate about aligning herself with many forward-thinking entities, but is partial to working with fashionistas, restaurateurs, gourmet food and beverage proprietors, holistic wellness practitioners, eco-friendly companies, gym owners, jewelers, and interior designers. Copywriting Services: *web content writing *SEO copywriting *blogging *social media content management *social media consulting and one-on-one coaching *press releases *article marketing *email newsletters *bios *brochures *product descriptions

Shelley Chidley

Senior Copywriter

TJ Bennett

acd/writer, hockey fan, reader, guitar player, progressive thinker, snoopy aficionado

Tom Schmidt

Even though I've spent more years than I care to either admit or remember writing about everything from Oriental rugs to Italian restaurants, I am a man of few words. So I’ll dispense with the bloviating and braggadocio so common to bios like these and get right to it. I’m an experienced copywriting whose only ambition is to do good work with a good group of people. I’m currently available for hire on either a freelance or full-time basis. As for the rest, well, you can check out some samples of my work by clicking on one of the links below. If you like what you see, hit me up at Maybe we can do something cool together.

Tom Wagner - McLovin Communications

McLovin Communications: where passion, creativity, humor, integrity and thoughtful service meld to generate exceptional Advertising and MarCom content with an unparalleled client experience. Tom serves the marketing communications requirements for clients around the world. His global experience enables Tom to create insightful and effective marketing collateral pieces, television advertising scripts, articles and marketing videos. Specialties: • Marketing Communications • MarCom copy writing • Script writing • Web Content • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Creative problem solving • Relationship development Since the age of 11, I wanted to be a writer. I went on to get my BA in English - Creative Writing from Knox College in Galesburg, IL and, due to an irresistible fascination with self-preservation, I ultimately became a marketing communications professional. I am a husband and friend, politically independent and currently work as a freelance writer. However, I occasionally write personal observations (and other anecdotal proofs) about contemporary society, with a particular interest in current events, social justice, peace, comedy, arts, music, truth and almost everything purple.
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