Joe Pytka pleads for us to not to fuck up the industry.

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It's no secret that advertising is not what it used to be. There's many reasons. More money more problems. The bigger the agency, the bigger the client, the bigger the budget, the bigger the risk. That coupled with the fact that almost anybody can get a job in advertising regardless of talent as long as they know certain software. Well, DeutschLA seize the opportunity to bring barely living legend Joe Pytka to come in and shake things up.

For those of you know who don't know Joe Pytka, we ask you to kindly to close your browser window and never return to the Egotist. For those who do, we all know, love, hate, admire, despise him for his tenacity, his ferocity and his honesty. There is no doubt he is one of the greats. Well, used to be one of the greats. It could be argued that the very things he complains about it in this video is the very thing he has become. But we can all appreciate the sentiment behind his words in this video as we sit down in front of computers this Monday morning and prepare ourselves for a marathon of meetings, reviews and presentations. Happy Monday everyone. Now don't fuck it up.


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