Balancing Act with Diet Pepsi and Mark Ballas

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Dancing with the Stars choreographer Mark Ballas shows us his skills while rehearsing for Diet Pepsi's latest commercial, performing an unbelievable dance routine while balancing a can on his head. Takes a little while but it gets interesting toward the end.

Agency: TBWA


Woah. The spins.

His studio is pretty stark; no flair?

Mark, oh Mark,
You must have a serious lack of confidence with yourself. You ALWAYS overdance, make some ridiculous faces when you do, and pretty much are trying hard to convince the viewing public in DWTS that you are top dog.

You are not!

When receiving scores last week, you were caught on camera flexing your stomach muscles to show your 'six pack'. Sadly, there were two other contestants amongst the amateur stars that have superior physiques, do you feel intimidated by them? Rolling your stomach muscles for everyone to see, and staring at them in front of America makes you quite a distasteful person.

When will you learn some humility? It's getting to the point where I leave the room anytime you are dancing. It's interesting to see a grown man with narcisstic tendencies like yourself. Interesting, and at the same time, disturbing.

At least he wasn't alternating flexing his pecks... Loser. Is that diet coke can bouncing?

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