MPLS-ians Packing Up and Heading West for Inspiration

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Ahhhhh, to be young again. Four local Minneapolis young ad professionals have partnered together and launched "Creative Go West." The project is "a documentary about four creatives going west in search of inspiration — risking life, limb and Dysentery in the name of creative enlightenment." The group is made up of Grant Spanier - Writer/Designer formerly in Digitaria's internship, Laura Fitzpatrick - an Account Planner formerly in Campbell Mithun's Lucky 13, Vince Koci - a Copywriter formerly at Campbell Mithun, and Jake Woodbridge - Filmmaker currently contracting with HOM Furniture on projects.

"The biggest motivator for this trip is curiosity. It's a trait the group enthusiastically shares," stated Grant. They will be hitting 6 cities (Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Denver) and 13 states in 14 days. Armed with the question: "What inspires you?" Along the way they'll be visiting different creative inspiring stops along with a long list of agencies including 72andSunny, Draplin Design Co., Victor & Spoils, MGM Grand (to gamble), and more. Want to be a creative or agency featured in their final video when they arrive back in the Twin Cities? Reach out to Grant via and be sure to help support this young band of creatives by donating on their site.

Be sure to check back here for video updates on their oregon trail across the country and follow the twitter feeds of Grant, Laura, Vince, and Jake for live news.

"Creatives Go West" Site


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