Local Art Director Transforms Street Signs Into Art

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By day, Tim creates campaigns at David&Goliath in LA, most recently launching the iconic KIA Hamsters "Share Some Soul" spot in which shuffling hamsters invade a futuristic video-game world. By nights and weekends, he hand makes original furniture using old street signs as his inspiration and raw material.

Check out the full collection at www.TimDelger.com


I saw one of these pieces in the march Communication Arts catalogue.

It's definitely neat work. It does have unique utility and consumer taste. I would imagine it being a hit at the skate park and in the work shop garage. They need an oddity design catalogue that you order upon inquiry for unique modern designs like galleria made upon order and commission for a group of artists like they do at furniture design schools.

This furniture is industrial design. Are those signs legal? Teasing, I love them! Thanks for the history of furniture - it explains how styles came about... I would think these came about from hate of traffic in CA & influence of pedestrian bike/blade beach ways etc. Maybe a street influence for some?

I did some industrial design - I think they are cool!

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Nicely created chair with the Street Sign of "Road closed".

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Using throwaway material to make furniture as illustrated here makes good business sense I think. Because the materials are free. Anyway, they do look pretty nice.

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By time, Bob generates activities from David&Goliath within LA, lately establishing the iconic KIA Hamsters "Share Some Soul" area through which shuffling hamsters get into a futuristic video-game earth. By times and also weekends, he or she side creates authentic furnishings utilizing old avenue signals because the enthusiasm and also natural substance.

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