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American Red Cross Storytellers

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Nationwide
Date Posted: May 29th, 2012

American Red Cross Storytellers Campaign

We are searching for storytellers who have directly benefited, or know of a family/friend who has, from the support of the American Red Cross. We are looking for true stories from those who have actually had experiences with the ARC, not those portraying fictional accounts. No pay, but participants will receive a camcorder.

Role: International Stories
Description: People who had their lives effected by events such as the Haiti earthquake and Japanese tsunami outreach and other international disasters.

Role: Military Stories
Description: Military families who've received support in getting from abroad in times of need, Skyping father's to watch the birth of their children, reuniting families, etc.

How to apply:

If you have a compelling, life-changing story you can have them email casting at ubercasting@gmail.com with the subject line "ARC Storyteller Casting" providing the following:

1) Your name & last name and location
2) A summary of your experience with the American Red Cross
3) A phone number at which to reach you for a phone interview
4) The best time to contact you via phone

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