What We Learned In 2012: Rob Schwartz

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By day Rob Schwartz is the first-ever Global Creative President of TBWA\Worldwide. At night he scours the globe to bring you the best work with the most potential to win at One Show, D&AD, Cannes, Clios, Spikes and all the rest.

1. A year is short, but you can do a lot in 24 hours.
(Coffee room. TBWA\Chiat\Day, LA)

2. Advertising is a team sport.

3. The day you lose a piece of business is the day you begin re-pitching it.
(Achilles. Hyde Park, London)

4. The airplane is one of our best inventions. Airport security is not.

5. Portuguese is difficult.
(My notebook. Learned at the University of YouTube)

6. Be careful what you wish for.
(In this case, we told a French cab driver we were late and to hurry.)

7. Always listen to the Beard.
(leeclowsbeard, that is.)

8. Japan is always inspiring.
(A brief interlude with legendary film director Akira Kurosawa.)

9. The competition is fierce and there is a lot of great work out there

10. #HastagsAreForIdeas

11. Rock ‘n Roll will never die.
(Neil Young at the Grammy’s “Person of the Year” dinner.)

12. Sometimes the worst circumstances bring out the best in people.
(Great foto I found on the web right after Sandy hit.)

and one more...

13. There’s no place like home.

To read the entire "What We Learned In 2012' series, click this.


I love this. Thanks!

Yes this makes us happy too.

Put a smile on my face!

loved it! thanks :)

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By day Rob Schwartz is the first-ever Global Creative President of Tbwa\worldwide. During the evening he scours the globe to present to you the best work with the most potential to win at One Show, D&ad, Cannes, Clios, Spikes and all the rest.personal statement writer

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