What We Learned In 2012: Jason Sperling

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Senior VP/Group Creative Director, RPA Jason Sperling is the creative force behind a number of highly iconic campaigns, like the launch of the iPhone and is perhaps best known as the creative director and driving force behind “Mac vs. PC” campaign.

What I learned in 2012, in no particular order.

It is not okay to be sitting on the couch watching TV, working on a laptop and instant messaging on an iPhone all at the same time. A line must be drawn.

Giant pandas can be both adorable and creepy.

People enjoy socializing with brands when they act more like friends – helpful, caring, selfless and a really good listener.

Patton Oswalt, Rob Delaney and Kelly Oxford are #awesome on Twitter.

Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg are apparently replaceable.

Forty doesn’t make you old. But it also doesn’t make your nerdiness any more acceptable.

If your daughter says she wants a pixie cut, don’t believe her. Afterwards she’ll yell at you, cry her eyes out and demand all her hair back “this instant!”

No matter how sticky and awesome and shareable our content is, we still have to contend with things like this…

Skype interviews never seem to work. “Can you see me? No? How about now? No? Now? How about now? No? This fix it? No? Fuck this. We’re talking on the phone.”

RPA doesn’t have much more time being the underdog that no one expected to win the big award or come up with the amazing idea.

I found out there’s a giant blue bear on the loose in Denver.

Nothing puts a strain on a relationship, dinner party or discussion at a urinal like a national election.

When you type in “Where is Farmshop?” Siri shows you this.

Matthew Broderick still totally rules.

We could not have helped a nicer, more deserving band get their big break.

Whether you win an award at Cannes or you don’t, the show ends, the walls get picked clean and it all starts over again.

I learned that interns can be brilliant. And somewhat devious.

You have to earn respect. Every single day, with every single piece of work you do.

Clients expect and deserve your very best.

I learned I have the most awesome creative department in the world. Wickedly talented. Uncomfortably nice. And chock full of heart.

And I learned that if you do great work, a blog that refers to you as “so-and-so” in 2011 might actually know you by name in 2012. J

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