About Us

About The Los Angeles Egotist
The Los Angeles Egotist is an anonymously-run website featuring the best creative, the best talent and the best resources in the City of Angels – keeping it all in the greater context of what’s happening internationally. Our intent is to foster growth in this city, both professionally and conceptually.

Los Angeles is rich with inspiration. We’ve got both homegrown and mainstream culture from cinema to food to music to comedy to street art. So, why, with Big 10 Agencies and some of the greatest brands, aren’t we setting more trends? It is our belief, as creative participants in this city, that the opportunity for idea elevation lies at our feet and that it can happen by challenging one another, by holding each other accountable for our work, and by hiring and promoting local talent. This is our attempt to foster big ideas and radical thinking on a local level. To remind us all why we love this job. To promote the best work and ideas. This is The Los Angeles Egotist, a means to an end.

A Message To Businesses
The choice to hire locally and demand good work is ours to make. We’re all about hiring the world’s best talent. But we’re about hiring LA’s best talent first. It’s the challenge to all of us to uncover the photographers, illustrators, directors, writers, designers and visionaries in our town that will help make the work better every time they touch it. And then use them to raise the bar for the entire community.

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