• The Best Avis Commercial We've Ever Seen

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    This new spot, from VCCP, is shot in black-and-white and is based on a simple premise: unlock a rental car and you 'unlock the world.' The 'we try harder' tag was originally created in the mid-1960s and returns here.

    For an industry that hasn't seen good advertising since that line was originally penned within the walls of DDB in 1962, this is a refreshing jolt. It's running in the UK. Hopefully, the US grabs it up — though recently, Avis US dropped the iconic line in favor of the vanilla-flavored "It's Your Space."


  • Granny Takes Some Shit to Prove Her Band-Aids Stay On

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    This is one of the oddest product demo campaigns we've seen in a while. It's definitely a toss-up between this gig and Walmart greeter for which is more demeaning when you reach old age.

  • VICE Short Film: A Piece of the Bottom

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    Inspired by real events, the film tells the tale of two feuding lobster families on the brink of war played out over the battleground of Maine’s 3,500 miles of coastline. Here, on America's biggest ocean frontier, self-regulated lobstermen struggle to hang on to their way of life, even if it means fighting to the death for their piece of the bottom.

  • Strangers Slapping Each Other

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    The First Kiss video, that went around the interwebs and featured "random" people kissing each other, turned out to be a big ad from Los Angeles womenswear brand Wren to promote its fall fashion collection. Here's a new video with a similar setup, in which casual and close acquaintances slap each other across the face. No brand attachment yet. Sign us up.

  • How Ink Is Made

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    Pretty romantic for us designers in the group.

  • Even the Most Jaded Jerks Can Have Fun at Disneyland

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    Pretty darn interesting way to go about pitching a visit to the mouse. It's not just for happy-go-lucky kids and families. Agency: BETC, France.

  • Stella Artois Introduces Rufus: The Hawk-Eye Perfectionist that Patrols Wimbledon's Grounds

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    Meet the real hawk eye of Winbledon, Rufus — who's been up at 5am every day to patrol the grounds for pesky pigeons since 2000.

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