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    Poster Child is doing a limited run (only 80) of Skullphone's "LondonXX12" prints we had to spread the word.

    Go to http://posterchildprints.com/LondonXX12/ for more info, and get one while you can!

  • 'Aquatic Portal' Print Giveaway!

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    Ana Bagayan is hosting a print giveaway on her facebook Facebook page. Win a signed AP from her upcoming print release with Spoke Art and Thinkspace Gallery this Friday.

    Check out the page for more details! One randomly selected winner will be announced on Friday 8/17!

  • Dabs Myla bomb San Fran

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    Dabs Myla, recently headed north for the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco and tried their damndest to add some life to that ugly ass dismal city.

    More pics after the jump off...

  • Dabs Myla release “THE GOOD LIFE” Print

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    Local husband and wife duo, Dabs Myla, recently released a six color silkscreen print with Poster Child Prints of what they consider the THE GOOD LIFE. The edition is limited to 150, signed and numbered, 14 x 18 inches, and come priced at $75. If interested, head over to PCP here to add this to your collection.

    More pics after the jump off...

  • EL MAC Artwork for new No Doubt album cover

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    It's been a long time coming, but here's the artwork El Man finished recently for the new No Doubt album cover....

    Lead singer, Gwen (& her husband Gavin) are big fans of Mac's work and have been collecting his paintings for the last couple years...and Gwen herself contacted him last year about painting the next No Doubt album cover. This would be the first album they've put out in over ten years. El Mac himself in his studio for about six weeks working on these four separate acrylic wood panel portraits.

    More pics after the jump off...

  • MPLS-ians Packing Up and Heading West for Inspiration

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    Ahhhhh, to be young again. Four local Minneapolis young ad professionals have partnered together and launched "Creative Go West." The project is "a documentary about four creatives going west in search of inspiration — risking life, limb and Dysentery in the name of creative enlightenment." The group is made up of Grant Spanier - Writer/Designer formerly in Digitaria's internship, Laura Fitzpatrick - an Account Planner formerly in Campbell Mithun's Lucky 13, Vince Koci - a Copywriter formerly at Campbell Mithun, and Jake Woodbridge - Filmmaker currently contracting with HOM Furniture on projects.

    "The biggest motivator for this trip is curiosity. It's a trait the group enthusiastically shares," stated Grant. They will be hitting 6 cities (Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Denver) and 13 states in 14 days. Armed with the question: "What inspires you?" Along the way they'll be visiting different creative inspiring stops along with a long list of agencies including 72andSunny, Draplin Design Co., Victor & Spoils, MGM Grand (to gamble), and more. Want to be a creative or agency featured in their final video when they arrive back in the Twin Cities? Reach out to Grant via grantspanier@gmail.com and be sure to help support this young band of creatives by donating on their site.

    Be sure to check back here for video updates on their oregon trail across the country and follow the twitter feeds of Grant, Laura, Vince, and Jake for live news.

    "Creatives Go West" Site

  • Meanwhile in Poland...

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    The film follows Popek, a successful Polish rapper and mixed martial arts fighter, as he undergoes an obscure and dangerous procedure to get his eyeballs permanently tattooed. The full-risks involved in this procedure and the long-term effects are still largely unknown.

    One of the only people in the UK to have had this operation, Popek’s motives are mysterious but for him it seems to be a risk worth taking.

    This video is not for the faint of heart.

    Popek from Will Robson-Scott on Vimeo.


  • Risk Paints The Edible Bus Stop

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    The Edible Bus Stop team up with graffiti legend Risk, MSK crew (via The London Pleasure Gardens project) for the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. With a theme of urban greening the Edible Bus Stop are creating a rioted street, not by people but by plants. Risk paints some classic pieces including a London taxi and red phone box.

    Risk Paints The Edible Bus Stop from James Baudouy on Vimeo.

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