• @WeAreRoyale creates a nice little piece for SU2C.

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    Let's face it cancer is fucking lame. Some how We Are Royale managed to make something rather pretty of it. Well done guys.

  • "Clouds Over Cuba" A haunting recreation of the Cuban Missle Crisis.

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    October 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis begins. The Martin Agency recently teamed up with local prod company TOOL to create an eye opening interactive experience to relive and discover what might have been, had things gone differently.

  • What would the children of the future say if we let them down this November?

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    As the election approaches, everyone seems to have a point of view. Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners shared theirs by creating the Future Children Project (http://www.futurechildrenproject.com) with the message that re-electing President Obama is a momentous decision that will require every single voter. What would the children of the future say if we let them down this November?

    Lyrics after the jump off.

  • Discover Los Angeles

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    Today, the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (LA Tourism), unveiled http://www.discoverLosAngeles.com a new global online resource for LA visitors and residents alike that answers these questions and more, direct from celebrities and local personalities including Holly Robinson Peete, “True Blood”’s Stephen Moyer, Dermot Mulroney, Pau Gasol, Tony Hawk and even Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, among many more. The site uses a map-based neighborhood approach to introduce the vibe of each area, from Downtown to the beaches and the valley – as well as where to eat, shop and play, and top activity suggestions from the stars.

    The website was designed and built by the digital marketing and technology agency Digitaria, a JWT Company, which earlier this year delivered Brand USA’s award-winning Discover America website.

  • Now Hiring: Production Design Intern - Moxie Sozo

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    Moxie Sozo is hiring: Production Design Intern. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • Now Hiring: Social Media Internship - Cactus

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    Cactus is hiring: Social Media Internship. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

  • I AM LOS ANGELES: Josh Koslow - No Faking The Funk

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    It takes a lot to intimidate Josh, a native Texan, who moved with his family to Venice Beach in the mid 80's. Venice was a different place then, the streets were ruled by gangs, surfers and skaters. Sometimes you had to run and sometimes you had to fight for your ground. It wasn't long before Josh was going by the nickname Texas in surfing and skating.

    Life throws curve balls including the occasional economical downturn. Josh works as a wood floor maker, and times have not been easy. As challenging that can be, Josh is in balance because of his passion for music.

    But music has always been in Josh's life. He was raised in a very musical family, and he was just a kid when he chose the trumpet to be his voice. Josh has been jamming ever since he was young, and learning more and more every day. When Josh was introduced to the world of jazz in Los Angeles he started going to spots like the World Stage in Leimart Park-- where the doors were opened by the legendary Billy Higgins.

    It can be intimidating at times... if you don't know the song, then you have to stay seated until a song you recognize comes along. Josh walks into the World Stage, and the joint is filled with experienced jazz musicians. The jam session rolls on and Josh takes a seat. When his chance comes he stands up and walks onto the stage. As he puts the horn to his lips and begins to jam, you can practically see the rest of everything begin to drift away.

    Check out more of the films at iamlosangeles.com

  • The Samsung Galaxy makes it easy to share homemade porn and other stuffs.

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    Another one from 72andFunny.

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