• Old Spice Muscle Music

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    Holy shit!!! Watch Terry Crews jam solo, then use the special interactive player to record your own remix. Go ahead, show me what you got!

    Agency: Fuckin WK

  • Crate&Barrel - Now&Forever

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    TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles uses the ampersand to create a new campaign for home furnishing retailer Crate&Barrel. Crate&Barrel Films, is a celebration of life, love, and the relationships that make every home worth living in. The first film, Now&Forever, is inspired by the beautiful love stories registrants share with at Crate&Barrel.

  • Smack My B!tch Up

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    This hashtag-driven battle between Mitt Romney and President Obama is a little side project launched last week by L.A.-based creatives Michael Miller and Marcus Wesson, from Dailey. They put the candidates in the ring, and let you land the punches. The first fight takes place August 27th, and there will be more all the way to November 6th at smackacandidate.com.

  • Color Ink Book 4th Annual "We've Got Issues" & PRISMA Debut "Blood"

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    Color Ink Book 4th Annual "We've Got Issues" & PRISMA Debut "Blood"
    Artists Reception: Saturday, August 18| 7-10pm
    On View: August 18 - September 22, 2012

    Exploding to life from the pages of the quarterly magazine is Color Ink Book's aptly frank titled group show "We've Got Issues." On display in the main gallery, this over-the-top extension of the publication features new and original black and white pieces by pop surrealists, lowbrow, avant garde, underground, and street artists.

    Returning to WWA Gallery to commemorate year 4 of their publication and celebrating bigger than the last year, the Brother's Washburn have put together an impressive line-up of over 60 premier artists whose brilliant works have graced past volumes of the art-lover's coloring book.

    Debuting in the project space and commanding special notice is the PRISMA Artists Collective with their first ever exhibit, "Blood". "Blood" is the darker antithesis of two mini-exhibits; the other being "Milk" opening in the fall. The soothing and nurturing quality of milk and the pulsating, purifying energy of blood are the primary substance in our lives and together define the cycle of beginning and end. The two mini exhibits explore the fascination with, and aversion towards, these two life-giving and life-sustaining body fluids.

  • The Net Worth Guessing Game

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    Have you ever wondered at a story about how much money Mickey Rourke has managed to keep? Or how the lead singer from New Kids On The Block is still worth anything? Well, there's an app for that.

    As Deutsch LA continues to build their digital abilities, they now have the right people to make any fun project we want. And their latest project is a mobile web app called High Rollaz, The Net Worth Guessing Game. (http://highroll.az/ )

    High Rollaz was born at an LA Kings hockey game this summer when Mark Hunter, Winston Binch, and Vic Palumbo of Deutsch LA spent an evening guessing how much some of the celebrities around them were worth. Then they realized they could build an app to let others play the game. (This is where we learned that Carrot Top is worth $77 million. What?)

  • Renaming Invitation from dw+h for Victors & Spoils

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    Ad agency dw+h is using crowd sourcing agency Victors & Spoils to change their name to something that more accurately reflects their positive change philosophy. Join the effort at victorsandspoils.com and have a chance to win up to $4,000.


  • Limited Edition Indoek Wax Kit Hand Shaped by Todd St. John

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    There is no resource more precious in surfing than wax. Indoek recently collaborated with friend, Todd St. John, to create their own limited edition wax kit. This unique design is reminiscent of surfboard shaping planes. The container well is approximately 2.75 inches and is a perfect fit for most circular wax molds, but also fits some rectangular shapes. The comb tines are on the bottom edge and the scraper is a detachable lid that is seamlessly held in place by two magnets. Each unique kit has been handmade with love and care by Todd St. John. The process and design have a focus on sustainability and minimal waste. The sturdy teak hardwood is a perfect material as it is both durable and sustainable – not to mention it has a naturally waxy, smooth texture that blends the wax residue without a mess.


  • Nike Football & Aardman go stopmotion for CTR360 Maestri III

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    It's Friday and this great work from Aardman Ads for Nike Football will certainly foster your creativity for this weekend. It's directed by Patrick Boivin, a French Canadian best known for his stop motion short films.

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